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New & Innovative Rowing Products

Resolute Racing Shells:
Cox'n Unlimited is proud to be the Great Lakes Regional Supplier of this Quality Racing Shell. Contact us today to arrange for a demonstration & to recieve a quote on a new or used shell.
Shell Repair USA: Located just a few miles from Philadelphia Boathouse Row and NJ Cooper River Park our full service repair facility is ready to provide you with quality and precision repairs on all racing shells. Contact us @
Cox-Case XL: This tough, air tight and water-tight case holds six cox-boxes with 2 chargers one for 110V wall outlets and one for your car 12v DC. This unique case provides you with a single source to protect and charge your cox-boxes all at once. The case comes with a lifetime warranty. Learn more by contacting us @ SEE STORE FOR MORE INFO.
Dr.DocBox:Introducing the ultimate technical teaching tool for rowing!
The Original Complete Rowing Station™.Instruct a novice or refine the varsity right at your dock. You can also create your own rowing tank at the pool for winter training!
Connect-A-Dock: Modular floating Dock System featuring the easy to install Series 1000 Low Profile & the Series 2000 High Profile Systems. Contact Us @
Gold Shield 24 Alcohol Free Hand Rinse Sanitizer: 100% Alcohol free-FDA validated and listed. Contact us @ SEE STORE FOR MORE INFO.

New Products Pending: Sparhawk Model Oars & Shell & Event Insurance

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